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07-12-2012, 12:04 AM
I remember my high school years in the locker room very well. Gym was something I looked forward too. Sweaty, half naked guys with bodies like grown men and dick like em too. I've seen so many prints and ass cheeks I was used to it lol. I remember one time my friend pulled my shorts down my entire ass was out lol. I know the boys was looking too, he said "damn you got a big ass. It's hairy" and started laughing. Another time we came back from running outside and the guys decided to take showers about 5 or 6 black guys in two showers naked acting like 9 year olds. I came out my sophomore year which caused guys to mess with me a lot. Grabbing my dick, humping me, showing me their dick prints. Ugh I miss those days. High school sure was fun :p Anybody else have any locker room stories? High school or college related.

07-12-2012, 01:54 AM
i remember naked boys growing from shy young boys into hot men.. .. was always fun to seem then walk around naked too and from the showers.. those formative years.. NOW i enjoy seeing them at the gym

07-12-2012, 11:45 AM
i remember that the first time i sucked a dick and tasted cum was in the locker room after basketball practice. that first taste of dick and cum made me an avid cocksucker with the determination to be the very best and perfect my skills. and i'm glad to say that i have succeeded at that......:D.

07-13-2012, 01:43 AM
What better place for man to and action the the locker room. Stripped to jockstraps for action. The aroma of the locker room sets tone for action. Mount the benches guys let first have jack off contest.

07-13-2012, 04:40 AM
READY... my jock is hanging around my knees. :D

07-14-2012, 09:32 AM
My locker room experiences are so many I would have to write an entire blog about them. However, my most memorable ones were my three years in high school. I went to a catholic shool. I was also on the swimming team. As was and still is the practice, swimmers are required to shave their bodies. Every monday before practice we were instructed to shave our pubes and armpits before practice. Our swimming coach, a priest (let me put on an expression of surprise), supervised us to make sure we were shaved clean. It was also no surprise to see a couple of my team mates get erections while they were holding their dicks and shaving around them. Nothing ever happened with our coach or any of my teammates (that I know of) but the thought of it always gave me fantasies enough to jack off to.

After high school I always hung out at a local beach on my days off. That beach had a adjoining community pool. On a particular day I had a date that night so I decided to pay the admission fee to the pool to be able to take a shower and dress. While I was there a bunch of young guys came running in, being boisterous and carrying on. I found myself in Adonis heaven. I found out the swimming team from the local high school practiced there every day at 3:00 every afternoon. Guess where I hung out every time I had a day off from work.

BTW - One thing I did notice is that the guys on that swim team were not shaved. They all had bushes and pit hairs. I wonder now if the shaving at my school was our coach's fetish.

07-14-2012, 02:15 PM
Two of my best (suck) buddies and I were advid researchers in the locker rooms. We had of course been sucking dick with one another since we were about 8 and when we were 12 we changed to the middle school where they had, to our utter joy, locker rooms. Better yet we were 'required' to shower together after gym classes. Most of the time we were in different classes but this gave us the opportunity to fulfill our research project. I was uncut, with a long foreskin and Tom was very tightly clipped. Rod was looser but nicely trimmed as well. We had always been curious about who was cut/uncut, how tight or long the foreskin and of course how big the cock. We came up with a scoring system and marked each lad we could check out in the locker room... by graduation that was about 300 teen boys. I still have the marked up year book we used for this purpose. It was great fun and gave us something to talk about as we had mutual jo and suck sessions. Of cours we did have a few private sessions in the locker room as well but those were after school hours.

11-25-2012, 09:43 PM
When we entered 4th grade we were expected to shower after gym..which was kind of a scary thing at first. I remember showering and two of my closest buddies made fun at how big my dick was...and at the time (like 9 or 10) I was embarrassed by that...but discovered that I actually liked being naked. I remember the first dude in 6th grade that got pubes...a ginger..and it was (Compared to the rest of us) our first Man cock! Still remember that.

Then in Jr. High, we all started sprouting..remember one dude never got pubes until 10th grade..and no growth...but it was so fun to check out your buddies and size everyone one up and see where you sized up. I was a small skinny dude so my dick looked bigger than most. Which liked. I remember sitting in math with another str8 friend in 8th grade, and we both had to stay after school to practice for something and he kept saying...we are going to be able to take a shower all by ourselves...( we use to talk about popping boners in math and science) so I was thinking he was just joking, but sometimes wonder now if he was interested. 8th grade was the first frot session I had with 2 cousins and a couple buddies...horney all the time.

Then in High school, our JV soccer coach (biology teacher...kind of a 70's bearded and hairy hippy type) would take showers with us after practice (yes, times have changed)...but i remember that was my first "mature" naked dude I had ever seen. He wasn't really big, but was really hairy, which was hot at that age. (no manscaping back then).

Also, in our school we had a wrestling room in the basement and had a locker room attached. When we were there for gym, older dudes on the wrestling team would come down and strip down in front of the whole gym class to weigh in. Always great to check out the upper classman. One dude that I remember to this day had the longest soft dick that I can remember. Weird thing to learn later in life is that he worked for my wife's family. I always wondered if she ever got to see that long dick, but could never bring up the subject.

Funny now, the younger generation don't shower much at school, not even after playing a sport. They come home to do it. At least that what i have noticed with my family.

11-26-2012, 03:14 AM
@Zeek81 Sounds pretty much like my story. The difference is that I was on the swim team and every monday was shaving day. I hated those days but got to see many boners as the guys handled their dicks to shave. We also had one guy who didn't get pubes until high school. The guys would always tease him and a couple of times would take his clothes while he was in the shower and leave him there to fend for himself. He eventually became a circuit judge and I feel he took out his revenge through his job. He is now retired but had the reputation of being one of the toughest judges.

11-28-2012, 10:40 AM
I was always so embarassed in the gym showers in Jr HS HS, and even college as I have a small dick when it is limp. I'd see most all of the other guys were really hung compared to me and I always thought they must be really HUGE when they get hard if they grow as much as me.

I had very few girlfriends I fucked and only one of them would squeal with delight as she handled my hard cock....none ever said anything about my size...so just more embarassment. Got married to a virgin so she didn't know.

Years later had a g/f who told me I had NICE EQUIPMENT and I asked her what she meant since I'm so small. She told me I was a GROWER and not a SHOW-er and that most guys who are hung when flaccid don't really grow that much, they just get hard, but said my cock was impressive because it grows from about 2" to 7" when hard.

THAT finally gave me confidence in my manhood even if it is small, I know what it is capable of doing!!!! :-)

08-01-2013, 01:29 AM
While in the men's shower/locker room of a Bangkok hotel, I was just wrapped in a towel when a British chap struck up a conversation with me. There was no one else in the locker room except us two. His conversation went from benign chit-chat to suddenly looking down at my penis bulge in front of my towel and paying compliments on my large penis (even though he hadn't seen it yet). He even guessed correctly that I was circumcised because he could see the prominent head ridge of my penis shape through the towel fabric. He lightly rubbed my ridge then went into the shower where he revealed his smaller uncut penis. This whole experience made me aroused, which made him even more enamored with my large penis. He said he was visiting with his wife and small children but still had a thing for men. I let him take a handful of liquid soap and jack me off! I spurted a power stream of jizz all over him!

08-01-2013, 07:05 AM
I didn't have any high school locker room experiences :(

About 5 years ago I was a member of gym near my house. Since I lived so close (literally like .75 miles away) I always just waited and showed when I got home. One day I needed to run some errands after the gym so I took a towel and change of clothes with me to shower in the locker room.

When I went in the place was empty, but an older guy that was about 50 came in right behind me. Net result was that we undressed together and struck up a conversation along the way. Already being a dedicated cocksucker I was taking every opportunity to steal a look at his cut cock. Admittedly I wasn't being very successful at stealing looks as he caught me 3 or 4 times, smiling a little every time he did. After about the 5th time of catching me he propped his foot up on the bench next to me, literally hanging his cock and balls about a foot from my face as I leaned forward to slide my shoes and socks under the bench. At this point I had given up trying to hide it and took a good long look. He asked me if I would like to shower with him so I could get a better look. I didn't hesitate to say yes.

In the stall all bets were off. He knew what I wanted and I wasn't being ambiguous about it. We were still in the little cubicle outside of the shower waiting for the water to warm up and I was already on my knees sucking it. The sweatiness of his cock and balls from his workout was intoxicating. Once in the shower he lathered me up, then I did him. After we were both clean I dropped to my knees and inhaled his cock. The blend of his throbbing cock in my mouth combined with the splashing hot water was really arousing. At some point some other people came in the lcker room, but I was so involved in what I was doing I didn't notice. After several minutes of me sucking him he took ahold of my head and began slow fucking my mouth. He did this for probably 10 minutes, just slowly grinding his cock in and out of my mouth. Then without warning he paused holding just the first few inches of his cock in my mouth and gushed a huge load right onto my tongue. I was in heaven!

After I stood up he slapped me on the ass and said "See you later" a clear indicator that I was to leave, so I grabbed my towel and stepped out. I was startled to see two other guys in the locker room in the midst of getting undressed and into a shower. For just a moment I had a fantasy that one of them would summon me to his shower for some cock servicing, but their unapproving looks convinced me of otherwise and I just dried off, got dressed and left.

08-05-2013, 06:54 PM
My best locker room experience was a year ago. I don't work out often but when I do its intense. Being in the professional world one must act his part. Well a Sunday morning throws that theory out the door. I am a early riser and one Sunday morning I felt like going to the gym and running, so after 2 miles of running in the gym, I went for a swim and after 2 hours of intense exercise I headed for the shower. Well being Sunday morning it was very slow, the temp outside was -10 below zero so not very many people were there. I got naked and entered the shower and there was one other guy in there that was working out as well. For the purpose of this encounter i'll call him bigfoot, why because he was big and hairy. He stood 6'4 250 lbs and hung like a mule. While I showered he kept looking my way and at 1st I ignored it, but then as I lathered up my balls he was doing the same and becoming erect. Truth be told I was too so he gestured for me to come over which I did, and he led my willing mouth to his cock. After about 5 minutes we talked alittle and he suggested we go to his place which was only a mile away. Getting dressed was hard as I had a hardon that hurt, buy I followed him to his place which to my surprise was very well kept and extremely clean. With the flip of the remote and there was some awesome porn on and I was rock hard, we got naked and I was between his legs taking in his big fat hairy cock, after a few minutes he was sucking mine and that lasted but a few minutes before he asked me if I wanted him to fuck me, hell yes I said so he brought out some lube and lubed me up. I asked him what his hurry was and why couldn't we just suck our cocks for awhile, well he explained that his wife would be home in 2 hours and we needed to be done and cleaned up before she got home. Well people, I'm a sucker for married men and if you are married, no condoms are required. It took a little while but he was so gentle and patient that it didn't take long before he was slamming my ass like a whore. After 20 minutes or so of hard fucking he blew his load and filled my ass with wet creamy cum. I had already cum from him fucking me. After we cleaned up we exchanged numbers and I left. I have been fucking and sucking him ever since.

09-12-2013, 09:54 AM
I joined a gym that has no locker-room they give you a room change in.

09-12-2013, 03:26 PM
I can remember in Jr High (middle school, in my neck of the woods...) everyone was a little embarrased to actually shower, so most would run under the spray in the underwear or get naked and run through quickly. In high school, more guys were already pubescent, and not as shy. The jocks all stripped happily, and went to soap up and rinse off. I never did, as I was fat and have a small dick. I would, however, put on fresh deoderant and use clean underwear and socks. I did a LOT of looking around, though. Lot's of nice dicks and bushes. One time, one of my friends was changing, and I saw his nice cock hanging against his leg :tonguewag: through the leg hole of his tighty whities, as he sat on the floor to take off his pants...drooled for years at that, as he was small in stature, yet muscular, and VERY HAIRY all over. :eek:

09-13-2013, 06:46 AM
I met my fuck buddy/boyfriend in a locker room. A quick encounter which led to a few longer hook ups and then our current relationship. I love to see other guys naked in the locker room, the different sizes of flaccid cocks and the fantasy of seeing them hard.

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