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The Chain Trick To Make a Woman Squirt, reposted from Fetlife

By: TastyFox
Date: 03/07/2013 16:59:06

THE CHAIN TRICK (TO MAKE A WOMAN SQUIRT) reposted from Fetlife.com


-A length of chrome-plated ¼” proof or stainless steel coil chain

-Rubbing alcohol

-Dish soap


Caution: If you use chrome-plated chain, be sure it is chrome-plated and not galvanized and is new; do not use old chain. Do not use nickel-plated or anything other than chrome-plated or non-plated stainless steel. Run your fingers over each link and look for welds that are not smooth. Reject any length with flaws. Rinse off the residue of the manufacturers oil with dish soap. Sterilize with alcohol but rinse it off before it comes into contact with her delicate membranes

Prepare length of chain: Wash it in dish soap and rinsing it in alcohol. Wash off the alcohol in warm water. You want it clean and sterile. You also want it warm so it isn’t shocking to the body but not hot so as to burn the delicate skin. Wrap it in a towel… you’ll need the towel later. Set the wrapped chain aside.

Warm up your partner. Lick her clit, tickle her g-spot (it’s going to be really tickled later.) Kiss her and tease her. Get her wet. If she’s multi-orgasmic (lucky you!) let her cum a few times. Little orgasms at this point are perfect.

Now time to insert the chain. Use lube. Use more lube. Spread her legs open, knees up, ankles at her sides, lying on her back. Place a pillow under her if it helps make her open up more. Use lube.

Slowly insert the chain link by link. Did we mention to use lube? Caution: you can pinch delicate folds between the links if you are not careful. Fact of the matter is…you probably will. If you go slow it will be a tiny pinch. To avoid pinching use lots of lube and slip each link into the one that preceded it (it will become obvious quickly how that’s done.). Have fun with it. Insert the first few links as far as you can easily reach with one finger. They will move back as the latter links follow. The chain slowly fills and stretches her vagina. There are few nerves ending in the muscular walls of the vagina. These are rarely stimulated even during sex. This stretching introduces new sensations which can be quite powerful.

USE LUBE. Liberally. (That’s why you brought the chain in a towel. Use the towel under her. Some lubes stain – especially on satin. Don’t ask; trust me on this.)

The sensations you are creating are very much like those induced by ‘fisting’. The advantage of the chain is that you don’t have to pass a large fist through the vaginal opening. There are some other advantages; she can move around more. That can be fun too. Try different positions when the chain is inside her. Let her roll on her side or on to her tummy. She may be able to walk with the chain inside her; that’s very interesting!

Note on how much chain to use. You won’t know in advance how much she can take. Every pussy is different. Buy a couple of different lengths; 2’, 3’ and 4’. They’re cheap (about $1.50/foot) and you’ll find lots of ways to play with the different lengths. Some women can’t take more than 2 feet. Some can. A four foot chain makes an interesting toy for two women to share if they are bi or lesbian, haha.

Be playful. Lick her clit as you’re inserting the chain. Rub her g-spot as the link goes in. Stop every now and then and insert your finger alongside the chain. Interesting isn’t it? Tight too! Rub her g-spot again. And again. Lick, rub, insert… find your own rhythm. She will want to cum. Don’t let her. Tell her to wait. It gets better. Much better.

When you’ve got all the chain that feels comfortable to you both folded and molded inside her begin to bring her closer to the peak. Don’t rush it. Take your time. Enjoy it. She will. Let her fall back from the edge…. And help her climb up again. Let her squeeze down against the chain. Lick her and play with her g-spot until you believe that she cannot stand it anymore (hopefully she will indicate that she is about to cum.)

THEN----PULL THE CHAIN OUT. Do it in one continuous and rapid motion. Be prepared for her to squirt. (Towel under her is important.)

Lay the chain on her tummy where she can feel the weight against her uterus. (Isn’t it astonishing how hot it is?!)

Move immediately to where you can hold her. Hold her through the shaking after quakes. (Don’t worry if she won’t talk for a while; some women faint.) Keep cuddling her for about 10 minutes. If you touch her clit she may explode. Wait.

Unless of course you hear her exclaim: “Hurry up and Fuck ME!” Don’t cuddle her afterwards. Fuck her.

Have fun, and you’re welcome!

Asspaddle (Reposted with minor editing from Fetlife.com)


Hi all, I think this posting on the "Kinky and Popular" front page of Fetlife is worthy to share. I hope to try this sometime, as one of my sexual goals is to become a "squirter." Please write to me and let me know if any of you try this and your partner squirts from this technique. --Tastyfox

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