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Down on the FARM with my cousin in the Hay Loft

By: earloftexas
Date: 06/18/2012 16:48:42

When I was a small boy, my grandfather and grandmother owned a large farm in Southern Oklahoma. They were big cotton farmers. As far back as I could remember, I would always spend one or two weeks with them in the summer. I also had several aunts and uncles that lived in the town close to my grandparents, so I had a lot of boy and girl cousins that would join me during the day to chat and play with me. The guys and I never did anything sexual, with the exception of pissing together when we were down on the creek behind the big barn. At this time, we would “show” each other our dicks, but that was about it, and I NEVER did anything sexual with any of the girls…….that is, until one summer when I was 12 y/o, and would be 13 in a few weeks.
This one girl cousin (I will call her June) and I had always been close, as we were almost the same age. She had two other sisters that were older that me, but June and I were always closer. AND, June was VERY good looking. She had dark, almost black hair and green eyes, and even at 11 y/o, she had a very nice bod, and her tits had already started to bloom, and her legs were shaped nicely too.
One Saturday, after breakfast, my grandmother asked me if I would feed the chickens for her. I loved doing things for my grandparents, and I told her that I would be glad to. She told me where the feed was, and how much feed to put out, and to be sure and check to make sure they had plenty of water.
After I fed the chickens I went over behind the barn to take a piss. At 12 y/o, all I had to do was look at my dick and it would start getting hard…..I got behind the barn and dropped my jeans. Since I did not wear underwear in the summer, by dick sprang to almost full attention as soon as the sun hit it. After pissing, I “milked” it down and pulled my jeans up and headed back to the house for some iced tea. My “granny” always kept a 1-gallon jar of tea in the fridge, already sweetened. They did not have an ice maker in the fridge, but instead, they had an “ice box” on the back porch, where they kept large blocks of ice that they purchased at the local “ice house”. Granny would get her ice pick (a very dangerous looking thing) and go out and chip me a glass of ice. I can still recall how delicious that iced tea was, and it seemed that the “ice house” ice made the tea taste better, and colder. I downed two glasses of tea very quickly and then went back outside.
About that time, I saw one of my uncle’s pickups coming up the long driveway leading to the house. I thought, “Oh boy, someone to talk to and play with”…….

Little did I know how that ”play” was going to turn out that day.

The visitors turned out to be June and my Uncle Bill. He brought June over to visit with me that day, as he and my aunt and her other two sisters were going to Oklahoma City to do some shopping that day, and June did not want to go with them.
I was delighted that it was my favorite cousin that was going to spend the entire day with me.
After a hug and a few kisses (we were a very loving family), my uncle left and June and I strolled around the yard, and eventually walked behind the barn. We were just chatting about “kid stuff” when June noticed the wet spot on the ground (where I had pissed earlier). She looked at it and said, “What do you suppose caused that wet spot on the ground?”. I told her that I knew exactly what caused it. She wanted to know what it was that caused it, and I said, “Come with me and I will show you.” By this time those two glasses of iced tea had just about filled my bladder to overflowing. When we got inside the barn, I asked her if she was sure she wanted to see what caused the “wet spot”, and she said, “Hell YES”.
June’s eyes were glued to my crotch area, with a big smile on her face, as I started unbuttoning and unzipping my jeans. When I dropped my jeans down to my ankles, my dick sprang to life and was already half hard. I told June that I need to piss so bad, and she told me to go ahead and piss. She said that she had never seen a guy piss before, and had only seen some of the other cousin’s dicks by “accident”. Like I said before, my bladder was about ready to burst, so I turned my dick to the side so I would not piss all over June. Since my dick was about half hard, my piss stream shot up in an arc about 4 feet high, and landed in the next stall. June said, “Wow, that is really something….can I touch your peepee when you are through pissing?” I told her to call my peepee a “dick” or a “cock”, and YES you can touch it just as soon as I am finished pissing. It seemed like I pissed for an hour. When I finished pissing, I “milked” my dick to get all the piss out. June asked me what I was doing and I showed her the last few drops of piss coming out of my piss slit. Then, I told her that this was the same movement you used when you jack-off. She wanted to know what I meant when I said “jack-off”, so I told her to come closer and I would show her. She came over and wrapped her hand around my dick and I showed her how to jack me off and feel of my balls. As of that summer, I had not shot my first load of cum, but man, when I got horny, I could make precum in a steady stream, and my precum started flowing when June started jacking my dick. I asked her if it would be OK if I touched her pussy, and she practically yelled, “FUCK yes ! ! !”. I asked her how she learned that word and she said that some of her girls friends had told her about boys and that all they wanted to do was fuck you. I told her that they were right, that is what guys like to do, is fuck girls. When I reached down and touched her hairless little pussy, it was already slick with precum. I said, “WOW, your pussy is really slick, and she said, so is your dick”. I asked her how long she had been able to make precum and she told me that it started one night when one of her girl friends spent the night with her, and they were playing with each others pussy. I asked her to show me how they played with each others pussy, and she went over to a bail of hay and sat down on her blouse and then leaned back and spread her legs wide open and told me to get down on my knees and put my mouth on her pussy and start licking…….WOW ! ! ! ! When I did this, her juices started flowing like a stream……and MY precum started flowing even more than before, and my dick got so fucking hard, I thought it was going to explode. Every once in a while, I would reach down and jack-off because I was so fucking horny. I was in heaven, licking that smooth hairless pussy, and eating pussy juice. This was my FIRST time to lick a pussy.

I licked her pussy a while longer, eating all the precum I could swollow. She grabbed my head with both hands and pulled it into her pussy and let out a moan. I asked her if I was hurting her and she said, “FUCK NO, just keep licking until I tell you to stop !” All this time I was feeling her pussy slit and fingering her asshole. With all her precum, she was so fucking slick, every once in a while, I would slip a finger into her pussy and then into her asshole.

She was moaning so loud that I thought my Granny might hear her, but we were quite a ways away from the house, so we were OK. All of a sudden she pulled my head up from her pussy. Then she asked me how long I had been making precum, and when did it start. I told her it started almost like she started. One night two of my cousins were spending the night with me and my older brother. We were all sleeping on the back porch on pallets made out of quilts and blankets. After the adults had gone to sleep, all of us started playing with our dicks, which led to us playing with each others dick. My cousin that was about the same age as me, went under the sheet and while he was jacking me off, he started sucking on my dick. Pretty soon, my cuz said, “What is that slick stuff coming our of your piss slit?” I said “Fuck, I don’t know, but I think it is probably precum”.
Then June asked me if I had ever fucked a girl. I told her no, that I had only fucked another guy in the asshole, and that it was fantastic. Then she asked me if I had ever licked an asshole, and I told her yes, but I had never licked a girls asshole, only a buddy of mine. She asked me if I would PLEASE lick her asshole because she just loved the feeling. And……..you guessed it. Her little pink asshole got the best licking she ever had (according to her).

In a few minutes, I came up for air, and asked her if she had ever sucked a guys dick (knowing that she had not), and all she said was……“I want to suck your dick right now,” and with that she started sucking the head of my dick and then took about half of my shaft down her throat, and then started sucking my dick like a straw. I honestly don’t know what I did not start cumming that day, but I did not start for a few more weeks.

We heard my Granny call us and tell us it was time for dinner. We quickly got dressed and went to the house. My dick was still hard as a rock and I had trouble getting it in my jeans. June really laughed about that….

After dinner, the phone rang and it was June’s Dad telling my Granny that they were going to be so late getting back, that he thought it would be better if June spent the night at their house.

We all went to bed and the next morning my grandfather woke me up at 5:30 and asked me if I would help him for a couple of hours working on an old bridge down at the creek. I told him that I would be glad to help, and I got out of bed, and my dick was making a tent in my boxers. He looked down at my dick and said, “Nice one”…….and that is all he ever said about my hardon.

We were finished with the bridge at 10:30 and we got in his pickup and headed for the house to get something to eat. When we got there, June was up and dressed. We ate some breakfast and I told Granny that I needed to take a shower as I was all sweaty from helping Grandfather with the bridge. Granny said, “Well, it is such a beautiful day, why don’t you and June put on your swim suits and go jump in that big pool down at the creek?” I asked June if she would like to do that, and I thought she was going to say, “FUCK YES”, but thankfully, she responded in a normal voice, but I could tell what she was thinking.

We walked down to the creek, jumped in the big pool, and when I came up, I was NAKED, and so was JUNE. We hugged and kissed, and she told me that she sure would love to fuck me, but she did not want to take a chance of getting pregnant. I agreed with her, and as I was holding her close so she could feel my hardon on her pubes, I whispered in her ear……”I could fuck you in your ass”…….

And, she said “FUCK YES ! ! !”, and, we did get my rock hard dick in that sweet little asshole, and we fucked for quite a while. I kept feeling like I was going to cum, but never did. I never did fuck her pussy, until several years later.

June and I continued to have “fun” every summer until I graduated from HS, then we sort of went our separate ways, until one day about 3 years later, the phone rang in my apartment. It was June, and she was in town………

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