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Life with a Tiny Little Shaved Dick

By: ballsontheline2000
Date: 03/04/2008 19:35:21

I will be sharing some of my experiences with you on this blog. I have been humiliated and embarrassed over and over again because of my tiny, little, shaved penis. It is only 4 inches when hard and I keep it totally shaved.

Gym Class Humiliation
I was a late bloomer. I was 15 and in 10th grade and I had not started puberty yet. I still only had 2 inches when hard (5cm) and an inch or less when limp. I also had no sex hair growing above my penis. The other guys in my class had all gone through puberty and they called attention to my tiny, hairless dick every time they saw me naked. I tried never to take a shower in school because of the comments.
In the spring of my 10th grade year I was 15 years old. I had missed a number of PE classes and I had to make them up after school. I showed up one Friday afternoon with 1 ninth grader, five eighth graders and 12 seventh graders.
The coach began the class by having all of us run for 3 miles. Then he had us doing exercises on the field. It was a warm day and all of us were really sweating.
The class time ended and the coach sent all the other guys into the showers while he talked to me. “Mike, I have noticed that you don’t take many showers in school. You are so sweaty today that you must take a shower before you leave. The other guys are already in the shower room.”
I was mortified. What would these 12, 13 and 14 year old boys say when they saw my naked, smooth groin? I took off my clothes and started towards the shower room. I entered the shower room covering my groin. Then, out of no where a bucket of cold, cold water was thrown on my groin. Then from the other side of the shower room the 9th grader tossed a hard baseball toward my head. “Catch”, he said. I caught the ball, but in doing so I gave everyone a clear view of my tiny, smooth pee pee.
The boys pointed at my tiny, smooth nub and they laughed and made comments. It was hard for me to believe that I had the smallest dick in the shower area even though I was the oldest boy there.
All of the boys dicks were bigger than mine. The ninth grader had the biggest dick. It was 9 inches with a thick bush of pubes above his dick. The five eighth graders all had nice pubic patches and dicks ranging in size from 7 inches to 9 inches. The 12 seventh graders all had already started puberty. The smallest of them had a 5 inch dick with a few strands of pubic hair. I couldn’t believe that all of them had more cock than I did. It was totally humiliating.
One of the seventh graders was Greg. He lived close to me and I could not believe that he had at least 7 inches of soft, limp dick with a thick bush. He was a real man in every sense of the word. He pointed to my little, shaved clit of a dick and commented: “You have a clit like a girl, Mike. I bet you want to get down on your knees right now and suck my huge man cock. Come over to my house after we finish up here and you can suck my hard 9 inches of uncut man meat.”
Greg left his wallet in his locker and left long before I did. Someone took it to the coach and he told me to take it to his house. I didn’t want to but the coach would not take no for an answer.
I arrived at his house and his older brother Bret greeted me at the door and told me that Greg was in his room. Brett was 16 and in the 11th grade. I saw his huge bulge and I wanted to see him naked. With that on my mind, I went up to Greg’s room and he was waiting for me on his bed totally naked. “SUCK MY COCK DUDE. SUCK MY HUGE PENIS. I AM SOOOOO HORNY. NO one will know dude.”
I was drawn to his huge, hard cock. I stripped naked and then got on my knees and started sucking his huge dick. As I was sucking and totally nude, his brother and 2 other 7th grade guys came in on me catching me with
Greg’s cock in my mouth.
Brett laughed and said: “You are so busted dude. Tomorrow, everyone will know you are a faggot cocksucker. ” The seventh graders and Brett pulled down their pants revealing their hardening peckers.
I stopped sucking and started to plead and beg. “Please guys, don’t tell the other guys at school. Don’t tell them that I have a clit for a dick and that I suck cock. I will do anything if you will keep my secret. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE.”
Greg laughed out loud. “Suck my hard man dick sissy boy. Tell me how much you love to suck cock. Your neighbor Mark and your best friend Kerry told me that you suck them off all the time. Kerry’s brother Keith told me that you brought him into your bedroom and offered him a blow job. The Nobriga boys told me that you sucked Joe and Michael and that you have been begging their cousin Stephen to suck him. Admit it sissy. Tell me, my brother and my friends how much you love to suck hard, big cock.”
Just as he finished speaking Mark and Kerry entered the room. I knew that both of them had pictures of me sucking them and audio and video tapes as well. Mark laughed holding up a series of pictures with me on my knees with hard dick in my mouth. Several of them showed cum dribbling down my chin. Mark came over to me got down on his knees, grabbed my tiny, pee pee and said: “He loves to suck hard cock. He can’t get enough of my hard cock.”
Brett smiled and told me to stand up and raise my hands up above my head. Then he asked me: “Mike, is this all true? Do you love to suck cock? Are you a tiny dicked, hairless sissy boy? Tell us right now.”
I was trembling in fear. Then I spoke saying: “It is true, I do love to suck cock. I can’t get enough dick. BUTTTTTT please don’t tell anyone else. I have to live in this town. If my dad finds out about this, he will castrate me. PLEASEEEEEE, I will suck any of you whenever you want, but don’t let anyone else know. My dad already thinks I suck cock. Stephen Nobriga’s dad told him one night at the local bar that I had offered to suck his son and had sucked Joe and Michael. He came home and woke me up at 2 in the morning. He was drunk and he had his sharp hunting knife in his hands. He stripped off my covers exposing my nude body. Then he tied me to the bed. He grabbed my cock and my balls in his right hand and pulled forward. Then he put the knife behind my cock and balls right at the base of my little weiner. He told me that if he ever caught me sucking cock he would cut off my cock or my balls or both. I was and still am terrified that he will do it.”
As I pleaded with the 6 boys present they jerked their hard dicks. Just then Stephen Nobriga walked in. “Want to suck my hot, young, hairless, 8 inch 11 year old man cock sissy? Beg me for it and I will give it to you right here.”
I wanted his cock so bad that I started to beg for it. He pulled down his pants revealing that cock I desired more than any other. Stephen laughed and said: “Mike, if you really want me right now, come down to the bar. Your dad and mine are both drinking at the bar. I will let you suck me in the bar bathroom. If you want this hot boy dick you have to put your sissy clit on the line.”
I wanted him so much that I agreed to his demand. Brett, Greg, Mark and Kerry came with Stephen and I to the back entrance of the bar. I saw my dad at the bar but he didn’t see me. While Brett and Greg waited outside, Mark and Kerry entered the men’s room with Stephen and me. I was sucking Stephen in earnest when Stephen’s dad and my dad walked into the room. Stephen’s dad laughed when he saw me on my knees and he looked over at my dad and said; “Look at your sissy boy suck my son. I told you your son was a fucking faggot.”
My dad was real mad and he told me that he would deal with me when he got home. I was terrified. Stephen spoke up saying:
“Your son sucks a lot of guys in town. A few of them are outside. We have pics of him and audio and video tapes of him sucking cock. He really loves to suck the gooey jizz out of our cocks.”
My dad was furious and embarrassed. He pushed me out of the bathroom and outside where the other guys were waiting. I was totally nude and he threw my shorts, underwear and tee shirt in the bathroom garbage. I was totally nude, completely exposed to the world.
Then my dad told the guys: “Take this faggot back to your house Brett. When you guys have used his mouth and his ass, bring him to his bedroom. Make sure he is naked, tied up and totally helpless. Make sure there are no covers for him to hide his naked shame. I will let his mother see him naked and helpless. Then I will have my friend cut off his tiny, little pee pee so he doesn’t even have a nub left. Then we will inject him with testosterone an Viagra so he gets really horny. Then he can beg his mother to fuck him with her 11 inch vibrator.”
Brett, Greg, Kerry, Mark, Stephan, Keith and Kyle took me to Brett’s bedroom. Each of them fucked my mouth and my ass. When they were done with me, Stephan, Greg, Kerry and Mark took me to my house nude. They took off all the covers and tied my arms and legs to the 4 corners of the bed.
“Wait till your mother sees you naked fucker. I bet she will laugh real hard when she sees that tiny, little, hairless thing.”
The next morning I was awakened as my mother entered my room to get me up. She saw me nude and tied. She laughed and then grabbed my hard, little pee pee.

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