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Strangers wanked me at the beach

By: bentwad
Date: 12/04/2009 04:34:48

I know this is a bit long winded but it is true and happened today. It is my first Gay experience.

Today, friday the 4th of december 2009, I was at the local nude beach.

I was feeling horny and started having a wank as usual but this time I was feeling brave. Normally when someone would walk past I would stop wanking and try and hide my hard cock. Today I didn't give a fuck.

I stood up and proudly wanked my cock for all to see. I was edging my hard cock for 2 hours.

I walked the length of the beach twice while stroking my hard bent cock. It was a turn on knowing that other people were watching me.

On one part of the beach there are low sand dunes behind the beach. I took a walk through the bushes in the sand dunes and came across a narrow fire trail. I followed this fire trail around a couple of bends. I was naked and hard and loving being in the outdoors with my hard cock,

I saw another guy come through the bushes onto the fire trail. He was about 25 years old and was wearing a Tshirt only. I could see that his small thin cock was hard and he had red pubic hair. He stopped walking in front of me and furiously jerked his cock right there in front of me.

The sight of another guy wanking made me even harder. I stood next to him and slowly caressed my hard cock. I was feeling excited and nervous at the same time. I have never wanked with another guy. He said "I was watching you. Your gorgeous".

About a minute later another man came through the bushes onto the fire trail. This guy was about 40 years old and naked, He walked up to me and the other guy and stood and watched us. We wanked for about another minute.

I layed down on the grass on the fire trail and the 2 other guys knelt either side of me. I felt awesome. I was the centre of attention to these two guys and I knew they were enjoying me.

As I lay on the ground, the two guys began running their finger tips over my body. I had to stop wanking as I thought I would cum, I didnt want it to end. I was loving it.

After about 2 minutes, the first guys took hold of my cock. I felt weird. This was the first time another guy has held my cock.

I stood up quickly. I saw that the second guy was now semi hard and the first guy was now rock hard. The 3 of us stood there for a few minutes wanking.

The first guy moved closer to me. He took hold of my cock and started stroking it. I relaxed, put my hands on my head, shut my eyes and started to enjoy it. After a bit I looked down and saw that the second guy was now fully hard and stroking hard. He reached towards me and started tickling my balls. I was absolutely loving the attention.

About another 2 or 3 minutes had passed and both guys were now sharing the duties of stroking my cock. A third guy now came out of the bushes onto the fire trail. This new guy was wanking his hard cock while walking towards us. He stopped about 2 metres away and watched the first two guys enjoying my cock.

I had never held another hard cock in my life and I thought this was the perfect time to try it. I reached down and took hold of both the first 2 guys cocks. It felt nice. I dont consider myself gay but I liked the feeling of the other hard cocks in my hands. I wanked both their cocks for a short while.

I looked down at the first guys cock and balls. I saw that his balls were really tight and I knew that if he was like me he would cum soon. He started to breathe heavily and then took a deep breath. I was excited. This would be the first time I would see another cock cum. He dribbled his cum onto my right foot. I tried to catch it with my left hand but only got a little bit. I played with his cum on my fingers for a bit before I wiped it on his Tshirt.

I started to furiously wank my cock. After nearly 2 and a half hours of wanking, I was ready to explode.

The third guy moved in closer and we were standing in a close circle. I spoke for the first time to these three guys. I said "I'm gonna cum". I tensed up and braced my self for a powerful orgasm.

I blew cum like I Have never done before. I just kept spurting out for what seemed like an eternity. I think it was about 8 to 10 shots. My cum shot high and low and where ever I was pointing my hard bent cock. I shot some cum on the first guys Tshirt, the second guys thigh and just missed the third guy. I wanked my cock for a little bit longer. I milked out my last bits of cum onto the palm of my other hand. I licked my palm clean. The second guy said "Nice". The first guy said "You looked like you needed that". The third guy turned and disappeared into the bushes.

I spoke for the second time to these guys and said"Thanks guys". I was utterly spent. I walked along the fire trail and then passed back through the bushes and onto the beach. I had a swim and then lay on my towel with a big smile on my face.

Thinking about what happened is surreal. It was a day of firsts. It was the first time another guy has seen my hard cock, touched my cock, seen another guy cum, felt another guys cum on my fingers, touched another guys hard cock, wanked in a group circle, had another guy touch and wank my hard cock and cum in front of another guy. WOW

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