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ydnac1691_20  Two Questions
By: ydnac1691  Date: 10/25/14
If you went camping and woke up in the morning to find your underwear around your knees (assuming you wear it) and your ass hurt - Would you tell anyone? Want to go camping? [more]

checkingonit_20  GETTING A GUY OFF
By: checkingonit  Date: 10/24/14
GETTING A GUY OFF This is a recounting of what happened with me recently on a beat-off site called myCircle.tv. This site has individual rooms, coded by number, where people can go to watch videos together and jerk-off. It's a neat little concept, but the videos are usually too tame, and you have to know the room code to get it. Sometimes room codes are listed on other sites like dick.net and jackinchat.com. I got a room code from one of those sites and tried it out. I w [more]

small_3-4_incher_20  summer showers
By: small_3-4_incher  Date: 10/23/14
In order for us to take these shower we would either have to be alone or tell everyone we are conserving the hot water so That's how we got a shower nut or threesome. alone my cousin n i decide to get a bit nasty, when no one will be home for hours or til late at night, by fucking right then and there if we had only hours or do my favorite thing If we had the whole day by locking the door adjusting the blinds so we can see out not in and taking a quick shower to clean our privates so we can w [more]

noimage_20  Searching for Cartier watches
By: Allene  Date: 10/23/14
Furthermore, a black rubber strap was created about this watch.If you wish to accentuate your look much like your favorite stars, then it's suggested that you opt for a Graham Replica Watches Canada. It's your right choice. I am a watch addict who choose to talk about any information and style towards graham replica along with other replica watch. We do hope you can share any thinking and comments towards my original articles.Datejust Mop Whitened Dial Gemstone Bezel For Girls Trying [more]

putitdown93_20  Finaly swallowed a load for the 1st time
By: putitdown93  Date: 10/22/14
So ive been seeing this guy, an older man in his 40s. He's so sexy tho, I originally met him at the gym. He's bald, in shape and as horny as me. We originally met eachother in the shower. We kept catching eachother staring. His cock was just so beautiful and thick that I couldn't help but get hard. Once that happend he knew what to and came and grabbed me by my dick. We made out for a bit then headed to the stalls and he blew me while he begged for my load. I exploded down his throat, and he kep [more]

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