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sweecocksucker69_20  My introduction io the bisexual / gay life part 2
By: sweecocksucker69  Date: 05/21/15
By the time I was 17, Ken and Mike introduced me to Sue. Ken said that up till now you have only been introduced to the gay side of sex, Sue is going to introduced you to bisexual side of sex, sue and I went into the bedroom and she started making out with me, she had her tongue down my throat and then started to suck my tongue into her mouth, and I started french kissing her to, my hands were all over her 38C tir's, and her hand as undoing my pants, it wasn't long before we were both naked, [more]

geo_39_20  Rate a Rod stats
By: geo_39  Date: 05/21/15
I just don't understand why, when viewing my scores for my Rate-a-rod pics, the score for non-member votes is always considerably lower than what I receive from the member voters. Albiet there are considerably more non-member votes. But that alone should not make that much difference - in most cases 2 or 3 full points or more lower. Anyone have an idea why that is? [more]

Monturd_20  My Wife's New Lover
By: Monturd  Date: 05/20/15
Hey everyone. I am new to the site and wanted to say hello! I am a recent transplant up to the Seattle area. What is everyone up to tonight?? Seattle seems to be a fun place. I already met a women. She was a sad sort when met meet and is confined to a wheelchair. Said her husband is a degenerate pill popper and alcoholic. Actually, she is the one that told me about this site. Said her husband hardly speaks a word to her and is consumed with this site. Sure [more]

BruceR_20  Mother and Friend
By: BruceR  Date: 05/20/15
My buddy and I (age 17) were at my house just talking and having fun. Eventually talk turned to sex and we got aroused. We stripped naked and decided to jack off. But something strange happened this time. Perhaps because we were totally naked and hard for the first time together. Anyway, we decided to jack each other off. It was wonderful to feel his hard dick in my hand, stroking him, watching him respond in pleasure. Just as he was about to cum, my mother walked in my room. She was [more]

cubs97v8_20  First outside encounter.
By: cubs97v8  Date: 05/19/15
Just a heads up, this is my first erotic retelling/blog so criticism is appreciated. Last weekend I decided to head to part of a local popular hiking area that I had heard was a good spot to meet guys. I've never done anything public before so even though I couldn't see anybody around it took me awhile to pull my cock out and see if I could get some attention. After a few minutes of standing around with my cick hanging out, an average middle age guy walked by and didn't stop or say an [more]

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