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Jonathan4_20  68 - The Old Man and the Semen
By: Jonathan4  Date: 12/21/14
I've been his lover since the night of his retirement party 3 years ago. I thought he was straight because of his wife, he thought I was straight because of my girlfriend. Alone together on the balcony getting some air, I said something in my drunken state, next thing I knew I was on my knees sucking his cock. He came fast, his first quality blow job, thick enough to chew. I didn't swallow until he went soft. So about once a month we get together and I go down on him. Sex with mature [more]

BigLongThickHard_20  My base desires
By: BigLongThickHard  Date: 12/20/14
I luv being a bisexual huge tits & black cock loving pervert.Nothin more fun than being naked in the gay club naked on stage w/my asshole facing the audience of hot horny filthy minded perverts & getting fucked by 2 huge black cocks while i'm deepthroating another giant black dong w/so many gay guys crowding the stage leering,jacking,sucking & fucking watching these bruthas stretch my asshole wide open,nasty talkin egging me on to get more cock down my throat,while they fuck to th [more]

davescock_20  cock sucking stories pt 6
By: davescock  Date: 12/20/14
cock # 21 from my blog, "cocks I've sucked" I met a CD trough craigslist that wanted to jack off together while wearing panties. the first time I went to his place, I wore my jock strap and he wore crotchless panties. we stroked each others cocks, and even stroked them together for some c2c fun. Imilked a small load from his small cock and then covered it with a huge load of my own. the next time I went over, I felt like sucking some cock so after stroking each other for a while, I la [more]

Jonathan4_20  He Pleased Them All
By: Jonathan4  Date: 12/20/14
Watching him kick off the holiday season last night brought tears of joy to my eyes, and I wasn't even choking down a cock. After everyone left and I took him to bed he smelled so nice. Kisses tasted like cum, took him missioary, cunt not all blown out, planted my seed. I have to do that every now and ever since one of his friends told him that is proof of ownership. He is in the kitchen prepping dinner for our guests. Eat a lot, talk a lot, board games in front of the fireplace, wrap [more]

Anthony18_20  Losing my anal virginity
By: Anthony18  Date: 12/19/14
Before you're reading this blog, be sure to read my one that I made before. Here is a link : http://www.dick.net/blogs/view/id_7116/. Around 3 years after my first time sucking cock, me and Kevin continued to do this for 2 years. I would sleep at his place, we would go naked and lay next to each other, and I would suck Kevins cock till he was ready to give me a facial or let me swallow it, that was my choice. I would suck my own cock too, just because I liked it. We always [more]

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