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PerthCock_20  Business Trip
By: PerthCock  Date: 10/30/14
A few years ago I worked as a sales rep, I travelled and spent a lot of time on the road and in hotels, usually alone. One trip I hooked up with two guys: I'd been chatting to a guy on gaydar for a while, he lived up north in a town I would visit and when I had a trip coming up I let him know, we agreed to meet in my hote room and have some fun. When I got to town it was late, I grabbed a six pack and messaged him expecting to have a few beers and some cock. He told me he had a friend [more]

Jonathan4_20  Entertained Older Gentlemen
By: Jonathan4  Date: 10/29/14
Took a couple of days off work to entertain some older gentlemen who have a private club. They have Viagra and are generous tippers. Thank god they love anal, made my cunt happy. Appreciate quality blow jobs too. I like sucking cum out of older cocks because they don't it up easy like little boys do. I'm not the only one who likes it ATM. Not need to masturbate either. I got sucked and came three times. Kind of romantic how they shared it. I like them. Tip jar is full, Christmas prese [more]

bobapple27_20  THE PANTIES STAY ON
By: bobapple27  Date: 10/29/14
My friend earloftexas emailed me a hot story about a tattooed lady. This reminded me of an old time encounter I enjoyed with Mabel. She had several tattoos. I worked with Mabel for a couple of years and once in awhile we could see her tattoos. We all teased her about them and I really wanted to see them all. I tried many times to get a date with her but she always said “No, I never date a co-worker.” Friday was my last day, I was moving on. About 3:00 that afternoon she com [more]

davescock_20  big cock bottom pleases two small cock tops
By: davescock  Date: 10/27/14
I went to the nude beach in the mood to show off my hard little cock. I stripped down and began stroking. I got it about halfway up and decided to walk around. I caught the eyes of two guys who might have been a couple, and also an older guy that was by me. the two younger guys seemed like they were trying hard not to stare, and eventually made their way over to me. when they weren't looking, I stroked a bit more until I was fully hard. I stood there with a rock hard cock as they walked by. t [more]

str8uncut_20  What would you want to do?
By: str8uncut  Date: 10/27/14
I've been so horny lately and really want to experiment with things. I've been really horny to get fucked in the ass or even do a flip flop. So tell me, what would you want to do to/with me? Leave a comment. [more]

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