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davescock_20  cock sucking stories pt. 3
By: davescock  Date: 11/22/14
cock # 6 from my blog "cocks I've sucked" I was at the adult book store, stroking my cock in a booth. I left the door unlocked on purpose as was lucky enough to have the biggest cock I've sucked walk in. he was an older white guy, maybe 55-60. he immediately rached for my cock and began stroking me. I started rubbing his cock through his khaki slacks and immediately realized that he was very well hung! my mouth began to water and I hurriedly opened his belt and unzipped him. I pulled [more]

ur69bud_20  Just Thinking
By: ur69bud  Date: 11/22/14
I thought about your penis. How I love your manly shaft. I thought about your piss hole, how it smiles and even laughs. I find that I am craving, if just a little taste, of that thick white goo of yours, known affectionately as cock paste. And although I am a gentleman, that some might call refined, I'm never truly happy, until on your cock I've dined! Feed me your hard, throbbing member. Slowly fuck my face. And when you've fed my tummy, and I haven't left a trace, you'll find me smiling wid [more]

Jonathan4_20  Man To Man
By: Jonathan4  Date: 11/21/14
Mike came over. His cock, same age as mine, needed some help. We just masturbated together until he came. No oral, anal, toy play, he is traditional. Took all of 8 minutes. He was backed up! He left his thick white cum on the cherry wood coffee table and 30 in the tip jar. Not sure which one of those they will like more when they get home, lol. [more]

emancipation_20  Thank You
By: emancipation  Date: 11/20/14
Well, I am still here, enjoying it, even more so now that I understand my cyber friends a bit better. Still, my main reason for being on D.N. is the excitement of seeing stiff cocks and watching men cum. Especially, as that gives me the feeling of still being sexually desirable. Some of you have been absolutely fantastic and understanding, and I just love the tributes, thank you. I am very privileged that all my body parts and mind continue [more]

Jonathan4_20  My Loving Son
By: Jonathan4  Date: 11/19/14
When I got home from work he was naked, hard, shaved soft as a tween. Waited all day to cum for daddy, and he had a lot give me!!!! Took care of his need before I took my clothes off. Wednesday nights, Hump Night, are OUR nights. Still do my show but let him watch. [more]

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