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James101663_20  anal sex
By: James101663  Date: 03/01/15
A year ago I might a black guy, whom I been chatting with for quiet some time. I was new to get sex, and still not that experienced yet. I mentioned that I wanted to have my cherry popped.he came over, and I met him at the door, which I was naked like he ask for me to be. He entered my apartment, and saw me there with just a smile and a hard on. He hugged and gave me a kiss, and stroked my cock. He closed and locked the door, and stripped down naked, I glanced at his dick and noticed that it [more]

amatsubu_20  First time sucking
By: amatsubu  Date: 03/01/15
This is a repost from a while back, but I wanted to share it anyway. I've been so so curious about trying to suck a cock for such a long time. Well, I finally decided to do something about it. I sent out a post on CL, and overnight I had a TON of responces. I narrowed it down and picked one out, and that day I went over to the guys house. He was nice, really patient with me (sicne I was REALLY nervous). He asked if I would be naked while I sucked him, and I agreed no problem [more]

Jonathan4_20  Me And My Son :-)
By: Jonathan4  Date: 03/01/15
He and his roomate love to entertain my friends naked, shaved, shiny and hard, serving snacks and drinks. I don't have to do anything while they are around, just sit back, chat with my buddies and enjoy the show. I came back here to my office/studio, check my email. My son popped into the room hard and eager. Daddy will you love me? Took his cock in my mouth, sucked, tongued, that kid shot a huge load, that silly boy didn't cum last night. I didn't swallow until he went soft and I go [more]

buzzcock_20  Encounter with married man
By: buzzcock  Date: 02/28/15
Well have to say 2015 is kicking off to be a good year so far. Answered an ad on craigslist wanting a blowjob & someone to take his load, hell yeah. Got directions to where he was staying and knocked. The door opened and standing in front of me was a good looking 6' tall man, mid forties, well groomed, silver haired, blue eyed professional. Found out he was visiting for about a week on business, attending conferences. He was sexy and gracious as he said to go ahead and make yourself comf [more]

data1730_20  32fr Van Buren
By: data1730  Date: 02/28/15
Hadn't had an orgasm in weeks, so last night I dropped a 32 fr Van Buren in. I lubed it with Surgilube after cleaning it with alcohol and watched it slide in to the handle. I lowered the penis slightly and half of the handle slid in too. The sound was now passed the prostrate and into the bladder sphincter. I lowered the penis a bit more and all but the tip of the handle disappeared, and the sound was now firmly in the bladder. I lubed the glans and lightly rubbed the underside where the fore [more]

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