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Badpappy_20  The Penthouse - Part 2
By: Badpappy  Date: 09/22/14
An erotic story written by Horny Owl & Badpappy The Penthouse - Parts 1 & 2 Part 1 I looked at my watch, everything was running on time. I had booked a suite in a downtown, high-rise hotel for an adventure that had been a long time in the making. I had finally decided to embrace my bisexuality, and was now waiting in the hotel's bar to meet my first male lover. We had met online, chatted for a while, then shared pictures of our cocks. I couldn't w [more]

HornyOwl_20  Penthouse Encounter-Part 1
By: HornyOwl  Date: 09/21/14
An Erotic Story for your reading pleasure. Enjoy. THE PENTHOUSE ENCOUNTER BY BAD PAPPY & HORNY OWL [more]

pommel_20  Horses
By: pommel  Date: 09/21/14
I know that stud horses are masturbated by humans to collect their semen to sell for artificial insemination in mares. A prize stallion, whether a racing thoroughbred or one considered to have excellent genetic qualities for his specfic registry can fetch a lot of money for his valuable semen. Imagine if we could get paid for our semen. Is it true that racehorses are sometimes masterbated in order to calm them down? Does anyone know how this is done? [more]

Waiting469_20  Hot and Horney
By: Waiting469  Date: 09/20/14
Will be in Ottawa Il on 9/27/2014. Contact if you are interested.

jmac32here_20  I will always remember...
By: jmac32here  Date: 09/20/14
I will always remember... I will always remember The 14th of September For that was the day my soulmate came And proved to me there is such a thing As true and meaningful love And swept me off my feet One week ago today would have been our 7th Anniversary. If drama had not arisen so badly that we were torn apart. I have been very sorry for my part in all that drama. For my reactions to the things that happened. [more]

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