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prettylady083_20  check these out
By: prettylady083  Date: 07/30/14
My sex gif blog http://averyhornyvirgo.tumblr.com/ Also Get Over It: Period Sex is Great http://orginal.us/get-over-it-period-sex-is-g reat [more]

drewp_20  Fantasy Series: THE BEST MAN
By: drewp  Date: 07/30/14
The best piece of ass I ever had was the best man in my nephew’s wedding. Kenny, that’s my nephew, met his girlfriend, Alicia, when he was working in Africa with “Doctors Without Borders.” To say Kenny is smart, is like saying ice is cool. To say Alicia’s family is wealthy is like saying the sun is lukewarm. Their wedding was on a Caribbean island and her family had rented most of the rooms and cabanas at a small resort on a private beach. I had one of the p [more]

MyLilPeter_20  When you were gone
By: MyLilPeter  Date: 07/29/14
I don't know what happened, but God am I glad you all are back. While I don't spend all day on this site and I don't spend all day jackin any more, I had no idea how important this site has been to my life the last few years until it was gone. My wife has Alzheimer's -- early onset and fairly advanced at this point. Her day mostly consists of sleeping, but I can no longer be alone for more than a few minutes at nite now. Seeing my favorite cocks on here is my only real pleasure. I hardly [more]

Ohsohorny_20  Back!
By: Ohsohorny  Date: 07/29/14
Great the site is up again. Thought time for a new profile pic too. (Thought a stiffy and banded balls more interesting!) [more]

Qandisa_20  Yay :)
By: Qandisa  Date: 07/29/14
Woohoo, so glad the site is back :) I've had a few encounters since the last one I wrote up, including a fantastic one with my very special, very sexy friend that first invited me to this site. I was going to write that one up and then the site went down... so now I HAVE to get that one written and up :) [more]

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