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MickCo_20  My Freshman Roomie Part II "His Turn"
By: MickCo  Date: 04/20/15
You need to understand something. My freshman room mate was as straight as they come. Athlete, lady's man, a real BMOC. So what a shock it was to me the morning he put his big cock in my face and told me I could suck it. I still don't know what made him think I would do such a thing, sober anyway. Sure, I loved looking at him walking around the dorm naked and yeah, I enjoyed a good wank while wearing his dirty underwear over my head, but hell, what made him think I was anything but s [more]

thickone8x6_20  How to get to Palm Springs for Healthy Friction
By: thickone8x6  Date: 04/20/15
Palm Springs and How to get there for the next Weekend of Masturbation. The Spring Palm Springs Weekend of Masturbation: 7-10 May 2015. The easiest way to reach Palm Springs is to FLY right into PSP (Palm Springs, CA) itself! It’s less than 3 miles from the PSP Airport to the Triangle Inn and the walking distance Guesthouses. Easily you can Rental Car Share, or better yet, just take a cab! [more]

meatbeater22_20  stroking
By: meatbeater22  Date: 04/20/15
i was shopping oneday and got horny and needed some relief i decided to to go and stroke my cock in the bath room of the store i was in . being really horny i waned to get rightat it so as i entere the bathroom i pushed te lock button on the dr hanlend loed the door i tured ad dopped my pants ad strarted to stroke. i then sat down to give more attention to my rock hard cock i was going right at it when i heard a click and the door opened .ido not know whowas more shock [more]

brotherlyluv_20  why friend me then block me?
By: brotherlyluv  Date: 04/20/15
Recently I had another member friend request me. We have messaged each other and chatted a few times. Seemed like a great guy and I enjoyed our chats. Nothing seemed wrong. He seemed interested in talking about the groups I've joined here and asked lots of questions. Anyway today I logged in and noticed he had visited my page....I was excited to chat with him!! When I went to view his page I was blocked!! WTF??? I guess my purpose of this is if you don't like my interests don't friend me and [more]

ydnac1691_20  The County Fair
By: ydnac1691  Date: 04/20/15
Went to the county fair yesterday and spent an inordinate amount of time in the restroom ... Just love the old restroom buildings - no partitions at the urinals, a cock lovers paradise! And saw some pretty amazing cock there too, all shapes and sizes... A veritable smorgasbord of cock!! Might just have to make another trip out there... ;) [more]

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