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Jonathan4_20  I Was Raised Bareback
By: Jonathan4  Date: 08/29/14
Way before the Time of Troubles. My mentor let me play with his adult friends. They were so big! I felt special and mature when they fed me like like grown ups do. They seeded me a lot too, said I looked so cute when it leaked out. That's why I want my boys to experience bareback fun before they go out and face Condom World. [more]

2032Girken_20  Grocery store bulge.
By: 2032Girken  Date: 08/29/14
So I was pumping and jerking today on my day off and after showering and such I decided to put my ballring/ weight(in one of my pics) back on and wear shorts that would show my junk to the grocery store. The ball ring really makes it obvious. I was surprised at how many people noticed my package jiggling around. Either I'm not the only one who notices crotches or my experiment was too obvious. Even better, there were some hot butts and such at the grocery store to give my bulge a boost. [more]

spermaholic_20  Confessions of a pre-Teen Cocksucker!
By: spermaholic  Date: 08/29/14
Hi Guys, some of you may have read how I started on my path to cocksucking/worshipping at a really early age but, for those who missed it, heree's a fairly brief description of how everything began. Starting when I was about 10 I had this weird habit of putting anything in my mouth, especially on a dare. Usually chewing gum on the road but sometimes I'd lick a public urinal if sonomeone really pushed it. At this time I had a half-sister- "Trisha", who always called me a siss [more]

Tinker14_20  Open Letter to all My Friends
By: Tinker14  Date: 08/29/14
Hi Everyone. I will be traveling fo a while with my wife and may or may not be able to check in. Just know that I really like how we all get to play together. I miss you alrady and I am still here! Happy cumming! Sometimes I wish we could al ljust be naughty little boys together again...sigh.... [more]

prolicker_20  My Cousin's Eight Incher
By: prolicker  Date: 08/29/14
“Oh My God Sammy you’re huge!” Bobby exclaimed looking at his cousin’s inflated immense penis. “Eight inches long and about six inches around according to mom’s cloth seamstress measuring tape.” “I ain’t never seen a dick that big before,” Bobby said. “I doubt you seen many dicks at your age Bobby.” “I’m almost fifteen,” Bobby replie [more]

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