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prolicker_20  Anal Awakening Chapter 3
By: prolicker  Date: 03/29/15
Chapter 3: A 10 I couldn’t think of anything else but the freckled Shawn Yanker the rest of the morning. My cock remained in a state of erection. I don’t think it ever deflated; in fact, it began to ache after a while. The pain made me think about the television commercials that advertised pills to fix erectile dysfunction: the ones to give the penis that extra little kick to stay harder a little longer. I chuckled as I remembered the announcer saying th [more]

bel_end_20  "First" cock pic!
By: bel_end  Date: 03/29/15
Hey guys, I had uploaded a cock pic in the past, but for whatever reason it appears to have been deleted/lost. So o decided to upload another. Feel free to check it out guys and girls Any kind comments are welcome [more]

miguelmartinek75_20  AWAKE
By: miguelmartinek75  Date: 03/29/15
Energy, Healing, Inspirational, Spirituality, Thoughts 8 Traits of An Awakening Soul March 28, 2015 Lexie 3 Comments What does it mean to be awakened? This is a term that we’ve collectively created, and holds a different meaning to each of us. As we travel our paths of life, our consciousness forever evolves, expands and absorbs information. It is the way in which we use this knowledge that determines how awakened we are. 1. You see t [more]

LikesThemHairy_20  About That Pubic Hair Obsession
By: LikesThemHairy  Date: 03/28/15
Someone asked me about my obsession with thick, bushy pubic hair. Back when I was enduring puberty, one of the landmarks I kept waiting for was all sorts of body hair, perhaps pubic hair most of all. As a swimmer I saw lots of my classmates naked, and observed that bushy pubic hair was a precursor to lots of body hair and often bigger dicks. Also, it was the 1970s and mustaches and hairy chests were very popular, along with tight pants that amply showed of a man's cock and balls. Alas [more]

DrsJohn_20  First visit of the new year
By: DrsJohn  Date: 03/28/15
Nearly april and I hadn't paid my sex doc a visit yet. I also hadn't much ejaculated this new year. So I went. As usual I entered the examination room stark naked and slightly erect. The gynochair beckoned invitingly. I told my sex doc that I only had ejaculated 3 times since last december. My penis went totally erect as I said that and the doc smiled slyly. My ballsac had tightened nicely but still my testicles were clearly visible and quite huge. The doc pushed the foreskin of my penis furt [more]

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