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By: drewp  Date: 04/24/14
SUMMER SWIM TEAM PARTY August was quickly approaching during the summer between my freshman and sophomore years, and I had been kept busy the whole time. I was taking part in a psych study involving high school students around town, and when I wasn’t crunching numbers or reviewing data, I was sucking cock or getting fucked by one of five hot swimmers at their house where I had been staying. On the Day of My Summer Final, I sucked two cocks in the morning, received a great blow [more]

DrsJohn_20  Preparing for a sex marathon
By: DrsJohn  Date: 04/24/14
An old friend of mine can't get a hardon anymore and when he ejaculates it's just a drizzle. I told him I could ejaculate at least 3 times an hour and he wanted to test my stamina. So I agreed to meet him in one of the sex rooms at the club. But before submitting to the examination I wanted to pick up some tops to fuck me afterwards. I put on a thong and went to the bar to show off a bit. When wearing my favorite thong it exposes my buttocks very well and at the front it leaves a nice bulge w [more]

bislaverobpeters_20  twitpic.com/9b043t
By: bislaverobpeters  Date: 04/24/14

TheRealSubZero_20  my first fuck with mom
By: TheRealSubZero  Date: 04/23/14
The night I first fucked my mother was undoubtedly the happiest time in my life, although it has been nearly equaled many times since in our torrid love life. It happened in her father's house way back in the hills of Kentucky. We got word that my grandfather was in very poor health, and Mom wanted to go see him right away. Since it was early in the week, Dad couldn't get off work, and my brother and sister and I were in school, but Mom didn't wan [more]

bobmac4497_20  Older man from Craigslist
By: bobmac4497  Date: 04/23/14
I had put an a up an craigslist looking for older mature men that wanted to play. Don't usually do that but I was reall horny so I decided why not. After I had gotten a few emails this older man in his 50s responded with what he wanted to do and a picture of himself that got me hard right away so I decided to email him back. Igo his address and headed over to hs house which was about 20min from where I was at. I was horny the whole drive over there thinking about what was going to happen. Fin [more]

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